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We offer twice weekly GP visits to assess care of our patients and their medications. We have bariatric care for patients that require this facility and we also supply full shower and bathing facilities for all residents.


We believe that an active environment which caters to the interests and needs of our residents will allow them to flourish. Activity sessions are programmed daily by an Activities Coordinator who ensures that a varied morning and afternoon timetable is on offer. In addition, hobbies are actively promoted and we frequently provide gardening, baking and painting opportunities.

Therapeutic Sessions

To establish a comforting and homelike setting, therapeutic sessions including hairdressing and chiropody are provided by the Centre. Based on a resident’s desires or needs, additional therapeutic sessions can be arranged.Our in house gymnasium and physiotherapy room is to encourage physical activity and recovery of patients.

Religious Services of Choice

We understand the diverse needs of our residents and aim to encourage existing links with their place of worship. In addition to this, the centre has a Church of England Minister and Catholic Priest who regularly visit. We aim to meet individual religious needs and always welcome minority faiths within Victoria Care Centre.

Dementia Care

We understand that residents with dementia have special care requirements and these may change as the illness develops. The staff at Victoria Care Centre have been been trained on the range of needs a resident with dementia may have.

Needs of Older People with Physical Disability and Frailty

Physical disability and fragility can cause distress and make one feel vulnerable. At Victoria Care Centre, we aim to maintain exceptional standards of care for disabled and frail residents through the individual care plans which aim to promote independence and comfort.


In house laundry facility and labelling services.